$10 per Individual • $15 per couple
includes several take-home resources

Every year we invite experts to help you as a parent navigate the world your son and daughter live in. Kids inhabit a world filled with Snapchat and Instagram with nonstop access to pornography and a media culture that only perpetuate their continued sexualization.

This evening is meant as a time for parents to learn how to communicate God’s grand design for sex as the sex-maker while engaging with the current culture.

Breakout Sessions

Once registered you will choose 3 out of 6 seminars listed below that speak most to where you are at as a parent with your kids.
All breakout seminars will be recorded and available online shortly after the conference so you won’t miss out on any of the conversations. Look forward to seeing you there!

The Fundamentals of Talking Sex With Your Kids

A native of Spokane, Joanna (Repsold) Hyatt has spoken to thousands of teens on healthy relationships and sexuality and has authored The Sex Talk: A Survival Guide for Parents. She is currently the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Live Action, a national non-profit that educates on abortion and the humanity of the pre-born.

Mirror, Mirror: Helping Kids Have A Healthy Relationship With Their Body and Food

Christina Walters is the Northwest NextGen Director for the Foursquare denomination. She has the joy of caring for over 200 hundred NextGen (kids to college) pastors from Washington state to North Dakota. She is also a practicing dietitian with a bachelor’s degree in Food & Nutrition. This combination has brought a deep passion to speak about issues surrounding food and the body. Her heart is to see Jesus bring hope to all the person; body, mind and spirit.

Parenting Generation XXX: Helping Kids Navigate Pornography

Executive Director and Founder of Project Six19. Dedicated to talking honestly about matters of sex, sexuality and relationships. Jason has spent almost two decades engaging audiences of all ages and backgrounds. He can be heard on the “DriveTime” and “Mixtape” podcasts along with the CPYU podcast “Youth Culture Matters”

Social Media and Teens: Growing Up On Apps

By shining a light on the mysteries of the social media world, Kara guides parents to an understanding of what kids are really doing on Social Media. From Snap Chat to Tumblr to Minecraft, Kara teaches the “who, what, where and why” that is so appealing. As a mom of three, she brings a personal passion and sincerity to the battle for kids in the world of social media. Kara has been a middle and high school counselor in the Spokane/North Idaho region for over 20 years.

All event activities will take place at North Church.

North Church

8303 N. Division St. | Spokane | WA 99208